Don't Violate the Email Commandments

Don't Violate the Email Commandments

The love/hate relationship we all have with email means that companies must be thoughtful about how they use this channel to engage with customers and prospects. Violate the email commandments at your own peril. ⚡️

The #1 email commandment is: don’t break the trust.

Most of us are overloaded with messages from work, friends & family, and all of the brands clamoring for our attention…as well as our wallets. Lifecycle marketing (LCM) campaigns are effective and scalable. They’re also easy to get wrong if you’re not careful about your automation rules and what content you send to whom.

One brand that should probably review their LCM logic is GoDaddy, who recently sent out this cringe-inducing email:

GoDaddy inherited me as part of their acquisition of Media Temple. I've since migrated most of my domains elsewhere, but GoDaddy has doggedly tried to win me as a customer.

I’ve got some bad news: it's a 'no' for me, dawg!